Monday, April 4, 2011

One of my loves

I have this uncanny knack for spying crack. I don't know why, I guess I have a crack-dar (like a radar, but for butt crack). But (no pun intended), anyway, I found some major crack on Mr. B the other day. Now, Mr. S (my DH) is a very handy guy (he has two of them, buh-dump-chee), and has done many improvements here at our house. I guess at some point Mr. B started watching him, because he's now learning to be a plumber. Crack and all. The crack is probably the easiest part of becoming a plumber. So, I guess when we get around to finishing the bathroom and wet bar in the basement, the Mister will have some help from our little man. And at the rate we are going, the little man just might be a full-fledged plumber by that point. :) So, here's one of my loves (well, I guess two, if you count the crack as a love).

1 comment:

dacjohns said...

It might be time to get Mr. B some suspenders. Cracks are not my thing. I would rather turn the other cheek. :)