Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Sparkle

I finally, finally, finally took some pictures of my tree. I know, right? It took forever. I took a few close-ups of some of my new favorites just for your enjoyment. My tree is in the process of turning into a sparkly, shimmery, winter woodland wonderland. I've been buying birds,
a few pine cones, some new icicles, leaves, and anything else I think qualifies. And my wonderful baby sister (though she is the mother of two little boys, she will always be my baby sister) even bought me two glittery butterflies.
I admit, I was skeptical of the butterflies at first, especially because of the glitter, and, who sees butterflies in the winter when there is snow all around? But, now I love the butterflies. In my imaginary, winter woodland wonderland, butterflies are all around. They are magical, and every Christmas tree needs some magic, right? So, without further ado, the Christmas tree! (insert hand flourishes, ta das, etc., here)