Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Give-Away

So I stumbled upon the world's most awesome giveaway today. I think the prize pack is something like $6500. No, that is not a typo. Six THOUSAND five HUNDRED DOLLARS! There are 138 different companies/vendors in the giveaway. Sure, some of them are local pick-up in the greater Phoenix area (does anybody else think about that shipping company commercial, where the guy wants to ship something to "Pa-hoe-nix, only the largest city in Arizona" when you try to spell Phoenix?), but the majority of them are NOT. And I can't deny myself the opportunity to possibly win something so fabulous. And on the rare chance that I do win (there are already over 1000 entries), there are some great baby prizes that my sister Kari could use. So many cute things! Kari, you better be having a girl! So anyway, if you want a chance to win (I hope you don't!) go check it out:

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