Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where did June go?

Wow, June was one busy month for us! I can't believe it went so fast. The first weekend of June we drove down to Utah, because our twin nieces got baptized. Miss A and Mr. B love their cousins, and we had a lot of fun just hanging out with them. Miss A is to the age where she can have a slumber party, so she got to sleep in the twins' bedroom. She's done that the past few times we've gone down for visits, and the girls all love it! Mr. B, however, has problems sleeping (still, and he's almost THREE!!!) so he has to get sequestered somewhere away from everyone else. This time it was in the office (well, it used to be the office, now it houses the twins' craft supplies to keep them away from little sister who is one). We have a PVC tent that we made for Mr. B that fits around his AeroKids bed (an air mattress with raised sides for kids). We call it his sensory deprivation chamber. It seems to work pretty well. So, first weekend in Utah, hanging out with the Joneses. Great fun. Then we came home, and Miss A had her first two weeks of swimming lessons for this summer. She loves swimming lessons! And once swimming lessons were out we headed to Illinois. We drove. From Idaho.

Are we crazy, you ask? Why yes, I think we are. Three full days of driving each direction. I think Mr. B took one nap on the way there and one on the way home. Miss A took zero naps. But we brought along plenty of diversions. iPad, iPhone, DVDs on the laptop, eight books, new coloring books (but I forgot the crayons, thank goodness I had two packs from Texas Roadhouse in my purse), the license plate game (we found all but five: Hawaii, North Dakota, South Carolina, Connecticut, and Vermont), BINGO, PEZ, and lots of snacks. Thankfully our kids are learning how to become good travelers. In the fifteen (yes, 15) days that we were gone, we went to 8 states and spent way too much time in our truck (thank you Chevrolet for making 2004 Silverados so roomy!). The worst parts of the vacation: ticks, chiggers, and humidity the first day in Illinois. The best parts: Going to the top of the Gateway Arch, Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, and Grant's Farm. And there were so many other great things too, like catching lightening bugs with my Aunt Karen, and the cutest nephew in the world. Seriously, he's so cute. And swimming at Karen's, and getting to see my cousins, and getting to know Jenny better, and of course, my cousin Brianne's wedding. One of the main reasons for going on this trip. Brianne and Blake are so awesome that they postponed their honeymoon so they could hang out with my sisters and me. We don't often get back "home" since it's so far away for all of us. Seriously Mom and Papa, when are you guys going to move here? We could all homestead together on a hundred or so acres here, with our own houses. Doesn't that sound like fun?

So, with all that going on, now we are already getting into the thick of July. This month is going to fly by too, and before I know it, school is going to be starting again. This month we have more swimming lessons, then a family reunion in Southern Utah (woohoo, more driving!) at the end of the month. Then more swimming lessons, then it will be time for school to start, then my babies will be turning five and three! Wow, time really does fly by. Six years ago yesterday I figured out my Dear liked me, and in under two months we will be celebrating our sixth anniversary. I can't believe it. Stay posted as I slowly post some pictures from our vacation.

Oh, and did I do anything crafty while I was gone? Yes, yes, I did. I made a set of wood blocks for Brianne's kitchen that say Eat. They are red, white, and black, and have a cute little white polar bear on one of them, because her kitchen has a Coca-Cola theme. Once I get a copy of the picture from my mom, I will post it. I couldn't use my camera because both batteries were dead by the end of our second day in Illinois, at the top of the Arch. And guess who didn't pack the battery charger? Yep, me. I guess back-up batteries don't hold a charge forever. :) Oh well. Lesson learned. Both batteries are now charged, and I will bring the charger on our trip to Southern Utah in a few weeks.


dacjohns said...

All chargers should be at the top of the packing list. :)

I am glad you enjoyed the trip. At times it was quite stressful. But not for me.

Are you really sure you want us to be so close that we are on the same property? I am not sure Papa, Carl or you could handle it. Wish you all could though.

We are still sick. Wondering if we will ever get well again. :(
But I am going to go to Susan's tomorrow to help her paint Maggie's bedroom. It will be a nice welcome home present for her. Her room became a craft room for Susan, but no more. I wonder what she will use now? I will send you the picture of the "Eat" blocks today.
Love you.
Momma :)

Kaycei said...

I didn't make the best of list. I'm very hurt. Truthfully, I can't think of anything that would qualify me for making that list other than getting the kids a net to catch bugs, but Momma already had one... Does helping the kids catch bugs count?

Brianne said...

I enjoyed seeing you and your sisters (and families) so much! I am so glad you all came in for my wedding! I miss you all SO much!! We definitely need to try to get together more often. Going years without seeing some of you is way too long!! I love my wooden blocks set! Even though my kitchen at my aunts is blue, I still have them up! I packed all my other coca cola stuff up but I kept those out and they look ok with the blue I think!