Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hey you guys!!!!!!

I just wanted to share a quick thing. Support National Nutrition Month and become a fan of Yoplait on Facebook today to explore delicious and easy ways to infuse more nutrition into your lifestyle. I did, and I'm going to infuse more nutrition into our family by eating healthier. We used to eat a lot of red meat around here, but I've been cutting back quite a bit lately. I've also tried to make more meals that are meat-free too. Miss A and I really enjoy "candy tomatoes" (homemade sun-dried cherry tomatoes) in our pasta. Miss A used to get upset whenever I told her we were having "noodles" for dinner, but just this past week she requested elbow and cheese square (ravioli) noodles for dinner with sauce and candy tomatoes. HOORAY!!!! But we also like yogurt too, and I can usually find some good coupons for Yoplait in our newspaper. I think my two favorite flavors are the orange cream and Key Lime Pie ones. Ooohhhhhhhh, yummmmmmmmm.

Disclaimer: Yoplait asked me to spot this, via MyBlogSpark, and I could win a Yoplait prize package.

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dacjohns said...

Orange cream yogurt sounds pretty good to me. Need to try it sometime.

Glad you are trying to eat healthier. Funny that you call the tomatoes "candy tomatoes". One word can make a big difference in what a child will eat.